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Buying a Used Car

One thing that most people will tell you is to never buy a new car. This is because right after you drive it off the lot it loses a large chink of it’s value. The best option for buying a car is to get one that is used from a reputable dealer. Here we will be discussing the main points to look for and do when buying a used car to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget gives you a good range on what you can afford in the long run. Being able to budget right can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to used cars. 

Choose the Right Type of Car

Different people have different needs for their vehicle. Whether it be for your daily commute to work, a family car for road trips and picking the kids up from school, or a car to cruise around in on the weekends, you’ll want something that fits your needs. 

Check Ownership Costs and Reliability Ratings

Maintenance on cars is inevitable. You’ll want to look for a car that has reasonable ownership costs and stands up to the normal wear and tear of being driven over time. This can help save you a lot of money in the long run by choosing a car that isn’t a money pit. 

Check Pricing Guides

Price checking the cars that you find online is a major factor in the process of buying a used car. You’ll want to find a car that isn’t overpriced for the model year and number of miles it has. This helps you to know what cars aren’t worth going to look at and which ones are the better options.

Vehicle History Report

Whenever buying a new car it is always important to check if the vehicle has been in any wrecks, has a rebuilt title, and how many owners it has had. This can give you a great idea as to what might be wrong that you can’t and how the car will perform in the years to come. Getting a car with a clean title with no wrecks and preferably 1-3 owners is always the best to look for. 

Go on a Test Drive

You can always love the way a car looks, but you won’t know if you actually love the car until you see how it drives. Taking a test drive is a crucial part of buying a used car. This allows you to tell if there is any maintenance that needs to be done and if you will like driving it for years to come. 

Close the Deal

Once you’ve finally found your next car, it’s time to make that purchase! There are two options to paying for a car. You can either pay in full in cash or finance it and pay over a number of months. Financing is the most common way of payment in the US. Alcoa Auto Center offers great financing rates compared to it’s competitors so come check out our inventory and take a test drive today!